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Key trends and news: fintech investment and embedded finance

As summer draws to a close and the world gears up for a busy September, these are the three key trends and news you need to know.
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Key trends and news: hiring and remote jobs boom – the digital shift

The outlook is positive for recruitment, scaling businesses and jobseekers with a hiring boom and the trends of remote and hybrid working continuing.
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How does debt factoring improve cash flow

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Social Recruitment – Why agencies are turning to social media for head hunting

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Key trends and news: the future of work and funding growth

The future of work is flexible, hybrid and tech-driven.
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Recruitment startup scene 2020

Sonovate explore the UK recruitment startup market scene, revealing the growth trends, hot sectors and success rate. Check out the stats today.
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Five ways to boost your cash flow

Right now, the biggest challenge your business will face is a reduction in cash flow. This guide gives business owners advice on how to maximise cash flow. 
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The Government’s list of ‘key workers’ recruiters need to know

Covering eight categories, including health and social care and key public services, see the UK Government’s official list of ‘key workers’.
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IR35 Webinar – How to navigate IR35 and retain access to your contractors

Key advice from leading legal experts Osborne Clark on planned changes to IR35 in the private sector. A must read for recruitment professionals.
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Five sectors you need to explore in 2020

We've highlighted five sectors your recruitment business needs to connect with in 2020, as well as the in demand candidates and where to find them.
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What is the real cost to starting a recruitment agency?

How much does it cost to start a recruitment agency? From essentials to add ons, we’ve broken down the real cost of starting a recruitment agency.
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Number of new recruitment businesses registered in 2019 just shy of 8,500

We examine the key factors contributing to continued growth of UK recruitment businesses and the reasons why healthcare, IT and education are so in demand.